Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Fun Mail Video

Hey Everyone!
Just popping in today to bring you this fun little video that I made to share with you my fun mail that I received a couple of weeks ago from Tracy over at Tracy's Treasures.  I won a giveaway and let me tell you it was awesome!!

Sorry in my video I am looking pretty bad but I just recently had eye surgery and I can't wear any make up and I am in my warm and cozy clothes but Jack and I were playing around and we wanted to make a little video!  I can't believe it has been 2 years since my last video.  I am hopping to make a couple more.  I am going to have a video to share with you hopefully soon of my scrap room!

Also at the end I know the word is tripod but I said tripad-- I guess I have ipad on the brain! hehe!!

Thanks Tracy so much! Love Everything!!


Staci said...

Lucky you getting goodies from Tracy! She's so talented! Thanks for sharing! :-)

scrappymo! said...

Very nice...Tracey is such a friendly, goodhearted blogger. I have followed her for a long time! Congrats for winning the giveaway and it looks as though you have some lovely new supplies!
your son did a great job and it was lovely that you gave him the nice acknowledgment at the end.

Connie Mercer said...

great goodies!!! you will have fun with those!!

sandee said...

Love the vdeo, always so nice to "see" the person that you visit all the time! Clicking on the link right now! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing. I hope to see a video of your scrap room I love seeing were every one creates.

Tracy said...

Great video and great camera man ;)
You sound just how I thought you would :)
I am so happy to have a voice behind the art :)
Looking forward to see what you create with your goodies :)

Norma Gomez said...

Great stuff and I really enjoyed watching the video. Have fun playing with all your new things :D I know you're gonna make some really great projects with them!

Izzy Anderson said...

It's always so fun to see and hear my online friends. :) Cute video. Jack's a great camera man! What a fun prize!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, loved your video!!!!! So awesome to hear your voice after all these years :) What a great package from Tracy and Jack did an awesome job too :)

Katie said...

I love this video! Like Becky said, it was so cool to hear your voice!

Jack is an awesome videographer!

gale said...

What a great bunch of goodies! Love the video.

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