Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Treat Bags!

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a great week. I know I am glad for the weekend but boy am I tired.  Plus we have so much on our schedule this weekend.  Jack has a football game plus 2 birthday parties and I have a baby shower to attend.  Plus the biggest event this weekend is that Simply Scrapbooks is having their big 13th Anniversary Sale.  Wow I can't believe I have been going to this store for 13 years.  When it first opened it was in a little store that was in walking distance to my house.  I would walk there on the weekends and just browse.  Wow has my style really changed.  Back then I was using all the stickers.  They had walls and walls of stickers. It was amazing.  I know a lot of people remake their scrapbooks because they no longer like their old "style" but I look back on my first scrapbooks with the cut out pictures and all the stickers and I have to say I still love them.  I created it and I remember each photo and page.  I could never throw it out and remake it into the "style" I use now. What do you all think when you look back on your old scrapbooks?  Do  you like them and want to keep them as is or do you want to remake them into your style now?

So needless to say I will be going to sale.  I really don't need anything but I think I will go just to see and maybe pick up a couple of things.

Halloween Treat Bags!

This past summer I took a class with Jennifer Mcguiere and she taught us how to make these cute little envelope gift bags.  They are very simple and very easy.  First you seal the envelope and then stamp it on both sides (or decorate it however you want).  Then you score it on 3 sides.  I scored it 3/4 of an inch in on the 3 sides.  Then you tear off the 4th side.  I then had Jack make all the die cut labels with the revolution.  He was so cute.  I wish I got a picture of it.  I then stamped the die cuts with the coordinating Paper Trey Ink stamps and colored in the pumpkins with copics.  Like I said--very simple.  Jack filled all the goodie bags with skittles, starburst and jolly ranchers.  He was so proud of himself. 

Jack wanted his teacher's bag to be different so that he could easily give it to her so her bag is the all black.--just so cute!

I hope everyone has a great friday! and I will be back tomorrow with some more cards that I made with the A Muse stamps.

Oh yeah, if you like imagainisce and the silhouette they are having a blog swap!  Lots of fun!  Here is the link:Imaginisce blog swap

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Debby said...

I love your treat bags. Everyone should enjoy them very much.

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Oh, I wished I lived close enough to come to the sale!

Jingle said...

These are wicked cute!

Becky said...

Super cute! Love these!

Sharla said...

Cute bags, reminds me I need to get busy on some treat bags for my dd's party next week...ACK!!

As for your question....the only pictures I might go back and redo would be the pictures from a trip to Europe I took back when I was in high school. Other than, I just leave em, it makes me laugh to see all the clip art I used to use.. lol, but it was how we did things back then, so it will stay!! Good question! :)

Steph said...

Those are super cute!

Tracy said...

I look at my old pages and would like to change them, but they also give me added memories as my daughters scrapped then and helped me with some of the pages, so no.
I made some envelope treat bags, your turned out way cuter :)

Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

cute treat bags!

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