Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guest Scrapbooker--Who Can It Be?

Hey everyone,
Guess who my Guest Designer is Today?
He is 5 years old and I think he is very talented.  If you guessed Jack you are correct!

Well you remember that I made a couple of layouts about Jack at Pirate Camp this summer.  Well, I had a couple of duplicates of the  pictures and  some paper, and Jack saw them and he wanted to come up with his own layout.  How cute is that?  I just love it!  Of course this is going into his album.

He was so proud of being able to write his name on the paper. 
It is kind of light but he wanted to draw a treasure map and then placed the x to "mark the spot".  Very creative don't you think?
All from Hobby Lobby

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  The doctor says Michael just has a virus and we just have to wait out the fever etc.  Boy, I hate it when they are sick (and seems like mine are always sick).  So we shall see. A huge thanks goes out to my mother and father in law for coming over and watching Michael.  Also Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes!  I appreciate it. 

 Here is an adorable picture of Michael on my mom's lap all cuddled up from Sunday.

Can't wait--tomorrow starts my first day of Holiday in Pictures.  Can't wait to see what the assignment is.  I just love the month of december.  I think this is going to be so much fun.  Wow Big Picture has some really cool classes.  I may become addicted to them!

I will be back tomorrow with a new holiday card.  Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn said...

how cool. and he's totally talented. love that. and the photo is priceless.

Tammy said...

Ah, that is so fun! I love looking back at papers from my childhood, to see my first attempts to write. Great thing to highlight and keep. I love BPC too....I can always use some inspriation. :)


Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

How cute is that? Family is the best! I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st! New classes, kit club reveals, sketch challenges - I may have to spend on day on the computer, lol!

Steph said...

So cute!

Becky said...


Scrappy-ness said...

That is so sweet.

Karen said...

Oh, so cute! How great that he wants to do it with you!

carrie said...

How awesome!

Shoebox Memories D'Luxe said...

awww...he did a great job. lol That's a great idea. I never thought of giving my son a chance to scrap his own pics. we might have to do that!

Tracy said...

I loved scrapbooking with my girls. I love to see the little ones create. They are so free, and they don't worry about it, they just do it.
Hope your little one feels better soon :(

Casey Wright said...

Awe! This is just so cute ;)... I can't wait until my little one is ready to craft with me :)

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