Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Halloween Layout from the Past!

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!

Boy, another week just flew by! Once again another extremely busy week; however,  I am  very excited that this weekend we actually have a slow weekend.  The ONLY thing on the agenda is Jack's flag football game (they have yet to win a game-boooo!) on Saturday.  I am actually going to try to get tons of stuff done around the house.  My poor house has been neglected these past weekends.  And I may actually get some scrappin' done. I have a lot to do.  I need to start my Thanksgiving cards and I don't even have a plan yet on what they are going to look like. 

For today's layout I am once again highlighting one of my layouts from 2007.  This is a layout I created for Halloween.  I didn't want my 2 year old to be around a knife so we decided to paint our pumpkins.  We had so much fun sitting outside and painting.  Jack loved it, and I must say mine turned out pretty good (mine is the one that looks like a girl).  I used the DCWV Halloween glitter paper.  I am loving looking back at my pictures with Jack.

Decorating Pumpkins

cardstock:  bazzil
pattern paper: DCWV
brads:  doodlebug

Well I am off.  I am so looking forward to a wonderful and quiet night tonight. Going to hang out with the kids and maybe make hot chocolate and popcorn for a special treat because it is very cold here today and then after they are in be I think I want hubby to build a nice fire and curl up and watch a movie.  It is so nice knowing that I don't have anything to do early in the morning!  hooray!  What are you all going to do tonight?

Oh yeah, at last weeks garage sale I sold all my stuff.  I was so excited.  I didn't have that much, but it will be enough for me to be able to get the little yellow bicycle line for Christmas!  So excited to get this line.  Maybe I will go this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!  I will be back tomorrow with a new layout.


Becky said...

What a great layout! I love the curved title. Thanks for all the comments you leave on my blog. It's a treat to hear from you and then to come visit your blog too!

Christine said...

Cute layout! Love the vibrant colors. Enjoy your quiet weekend!

Tracy said...

Such a fun layout.
Your pumpkin is very cute ;)
I am with Becky it is a treat to hear from you on my blog as well.
Have a nice relaxing weekend. Ohhhh sleeping in sounds heavenly :)

Melissa said...

Cute layout! I'm following now


Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

I love your layout, I am inspired to go give my pumpkin pictures a try :) Sounds like you have fun plans tonight...hmmm popcorn and hot chocolate sounds good to me too :)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

What a great idea, to paint your pumpkins! Wonderful memory, I bet!

Kat Marie said...

what a great layout! hot chocolate sounds yummy! it just got cold here! i love the idea of painting the pumpkins so cute :-)

Sharla said...

Great layout! I love the colors and curved title, the black background really makes the other colors stand out!!

Blessed Ladybug said...

thanks for sharing i love the page...

Toodie said...

Love it! It's so darling with those colors and oh my gosh, love the pumpkins!

Lynn said...

wow! love the fun colors and patterns.

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