Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love Sundays!


Well yesterday for me was the PERFECT day!  We spent the entire day outside.  The boys loved every minute of it.  The weather was that perfect 70 degree day and it was awesome!  Jack has been wanting to jump in the leaves so we raked them all up and the boys had a blast.  Just had to share this picture of Jack.  It is way too cute!  I haven't had a chance to crop them and stuff but I just had to share them!
 Here they were having sooo much fun throwing the leaves up in the air.  Can't wait to crop this to get a good close up! 

Well we also brought up a bunch of Christmas stuff from storage.  Here is a picture of some of the boxes loaded into the living room waiting to be unpacked.
Michael just kept saying "Wow!" when we brought another one up.  We still have a couple of big ones to bring up and I will slowly begin the process.  First will be my kitchen dishes.  I love to replace my dishes in the winter.  That is my goal today.

Another perfect part of the day was that Jeff and I had a babysitter last night and we had a perfect date night.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory.  Mmmm it was so good.  I love getting a couple of their snack and light plates that way I can have a couple of different things.  We were so full that we didn't even have cheesecake for dessert.  Oh well no big deal to me.    Like I said yesterday was the PERFECT day.

So today on the agenda is just relaxing!  Mom is coming over and we are going to do  a bit of shopping--going to Lowe's to buy Jeff's Christmas gift and then just hanging out.  At my crop Friday I worked on 3 layouts and a card set but I forgot something for each one so I have to finish those projects up.  So sorry for not having a layout today to share but I need to take pictures of some of last weeks projects.  If I get everything done today I will try to post a new layout tomorrow!

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Becky said...

Love the pictures of the kids, they look like they're having such a great time! I'm already thinking about our decorations and when to pull them out of storage. Can't wait to see pictures of yours all finished!

Lynn said...

fun fun times.

Tracy said...

I love the pictures of the boys. I have a few pics of my girls playing in the leaves. Mind you I bet they still would if I did the raking LOL.
I would love to see your winter/Christmas dishes.
What no dessert?!?

Stephanie said...

Great pics!! I love all the leaves, but probably wouldn't if I had to rake them all up!!

emily said...

Sounds like a really nice day yesterday and another today! I also love Cheescake good! Those pictures of the kids jumping in the leaves brings good memories of my own childhood...

Staci said...

The boys look they are having so much fun! TFS!

Pam said...

I think I gained five pounds just reading the words "Cheesecake Factory".;-) The food there is so good! Your boys are too cute! Love the pics with the leaves! Can't wait to see your layouts!

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