Thursday, December 9, 2010

What am I Working On?

Wow can you believe it is Thursday? I am loving that time is going by quickly. I really need my break to come here.  I need to wrap all the presents and it is IMPOSSIBLE  to wrap with the kids in the house.  So I have one more week and a day and then hello break!  I can't wait!

Well can you believe this?  I don't have anything right now that I am working on.  I got sooo much done last week (completed 6 projects--i think that is a  record).  I worked like a dog to get everything done so that this week I have NOTHING on my desk.  I have the big Christmas Party on Saturday and then on Sunday I have the debut of the Hero Arts new stamp catalogue and Jennifer Mcguire's class for 3 1/2 hours so I don't like to have projects on my desk when I can't be there.  Plus it is nice to have a break! 

This is my cutting and sewing station--and yes, it is clear!  I love it!
What is your desk like--is it always messy with a lot going on or do you keep it nice and tidy?  Mine is a mess when I have a project going on, but once it is done I clean everything up and make it all nice and clean.  I love it this way.  I then put out the pictures I am going to use for the next project and get to work.  There is just something about a nice clean desk.  I am that way at school too.  Every night before I leave I have my desk all clean and organized so that when I come in the next day it is perfect--and then I make it a mess during the day.

So what is anyone working on these days?  Anything big and exciting?  During my time off I have a couple of challenges I want to enter and they have an end of the month due date.  So I am sure come Monday my desk will be crazy again!

Oh yeah, stop by Scrap our Stash today.  My "It's a Party"  is going to be featured for their December challenge.  It was a fun one--create a birthday layout using your stash.  With both boys having a  birthday in the fall this was perfect for me!  Pop on over and take a look!

Quick post again.  I will be back tomorrow with a new layout!  Thanks for stopping by!


Maggie said...

Now that you are done, please come over my house, cause my studio looks like a hurricane hit :)

Debby said...

I'm with are welcome to come work on mine.

Becky said...

I love a clean desk too! I finished my chipboard letters up last night and started working on a memory jar for my grandma. So, my desk was clean for all of five minutes! Can't wait to hear about your party and of course your class on Sunday!!!!

Christina said...

wish my desk were that clean. I love your Hello Kitty sewing machine. :)

Lynn said...

i finished a lo last night that i'll be posting today. my desk doesn't look too wild. last week it was sooooooooooooooooooo clean i was inspired to do 2 lo's just to muss it up some. have a greaat party!

Steph said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a work space so everything has to be put away when I am done. Although, lately I have been leaving on my kitchen table my copics and some images to color at night.

Tracy said...

My area is usually a creative mess;) I always have something going on. I do like to have it tidy as I get frustrated that I can't find things. Like my huge red ATG. Yup I am always loosing that thing under paper, lol. Yup its that bad.
But every Friday night is scrapbooking here so I have to clean it up so the ladies have room ;)

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