Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Good News + What am I working on this Thursday?

Hey everyone,

You remember last month I entered the Little Yellow Bicycle Sketch Challenge (click here ). Well I am in the final round.  Hooray!!! I can't believe it!  I was so excited.  Well this final round is a voting round.  This is where I need your help!  I would love it if you went here and in the comment section vote for me!  I would really appreciate it.  There is some really tough competition.  I still can't believe I am in the finals with these other layouts!  So amazing!  I think the voting goes on thru the week.  Again thanks a lot!  Now on to other things.....
O.K. guys I have a couple of questions for you today--

When you finish a layout and finish taking pictures of it do you immediately put it in your album or do you start a big pile?  I used to be so good about it; however, I used to scrap chronologically so it was really easy just to place it in the appropriate album when I am done with it and then be done with it.  Now, however, I have been scrapping out of order--I know I am getting wild and crazy in my older age-heheheheh- but I don't like putting the layouts in the albums out of order even though I date all the layouts.  So with that being said--I have started a pile on my table of all my layouts that I have completed and now I have a ton of layouts waiting to be put away, and I must say it is driving me crazy.  So today I need to put all my layouts in order and then put them in their albums.

Here is the mountain of layouts completed and ready to go.

Another view
Here they are in the 3 piles.  I have a pile for Michael's album, a pile for family pictures, and a pile for Jack's album.
So here are my other questions:

How many albums do you have started right now?  I have 3 (for the above mentioned). Plus I will be starting a Christmas one shortly.

Do you scrap chronologically or do you just go with whatever picture you have at the time?  Like I said I used to scrap in order, but now I am stepping out a bit because I am entering challenges and due to my commitments of various design teams and I can't go in order. So I have been having a hard time with this.  I guess I am going to have to loosen up on this.

If you do scrap out of order-how do you arrange your albums?  My albums are all in chronological order.  I am in the process of switching to D-ring albums but I still have a lot of post bound albums still to use up.

Just wanted to know how you all do things.

Hope you all are having a great Thursday and I will be back tomorrow with a new layout.  Thanks for stopping by!  And If you can please stop by the Little Yellow Bicycle Blog and vote--thanks!


Tammy said...

That is an awesome pile of layouts! I love it when I have a pile of layouts to put away. I usually put my finished layouts in a stack until the stack is big enough to justify the time to put them away. When I put them away, I usually look back though my layouts so it's not a 5 minute task. LOL.

I organize my albums by topic - People, Places, Things (sort of like Stacy Julian's Library of Memories but in my own way). I do not scrapbook chronologically, nor do I put things in my album in chronological order. It's just not important to me but if it's important to you and you want to keep everything in chrono order, the D-rings will really help you. With D-ring albums, you can sort the new pages anyway you want to and go back and add pages in date order with minimal effort.

I currently have about 10 12x12 albums where I put my layouts. Oh and when I converted - I tossed all of my post bound album. I hated them so much! I'm so glad I converted to D-rings. It makes life so much easier.


Lynn said...

wow whatta pile and congrats on the final round!!!

i used to scrap chrono but i broke out and go with whatever moves me and makes the mojo flow (chrono was too restricting). i have one d-ring album in which everything goes no matter what size, and i do ALL the sizes as well AND if digi or hybrid is called for i do that too, unless i'm making a gift or decide an album is required. i found i can do it in a page or two rather than an entire album, but sometimes albums are just plain fun.

bottom line i do what moves me, lol!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

I voted for you - good luck!

I do not scrap chronologically, and after finishing and photographing a layout, it goes up on a magnetic white board for a while so I can admire it! (how conceited is that!) But I do arrange layouts in chronological order in my albums. I follow Stacy Julian's Library of Memories system, so I have several albums to choose from:
All About Us
Things We Love
Places We Go
People We Cherish
Family Stories

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

I still use post bound ablums but currently all my finish layouts are in piles and in order. I scrap out of order but sort my pages in chrono. don't know if that make sense or not lol I will post pictures and details on my blog later. I wouild just go with flow and do what work for you. :)

Laurie! said...

That is a HUGE pile of layouts!!! Wow! I have a small stack in a drawer because I'm waiting for albums to go on sale (or for someone to get me a new one for Christmas). I usually work on one or two albums at a time. I have a Book of Me and then my general one and sometimes I'll do a specific travel album. I try to go in chronological order but sometimes it's just not possible. Right now I'm kind of out of order, but I'm at least sort of up to date on my pictures.

Christina said...

I don't scrap chrono but I organize my albums that way (sort of). Each of my boys have an album for their first year, then we have family albums by year. Lately, I've been thinking about putting all of my Halloween layouts in one album, and Christmas layouts in another, etc. (Oh and each of our boys have their own school album...boy, I've got a LOT of albums!)
I keep my completed layouts in a 12x12 Iris container. When it's full, I know it's time to put them in albums. I'm off to vote for you. :)

Becky said...

Mine sit in a big pile too! I scrap chronologically, and have an album for each daughter and a vacation album going on right now. Plus I usually have a couple of minis I'm working on. I'm off to vote for you! Congrats on making it this far, that's awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

I voted for you!! Good luck!!

If I am out of page protectors, they go in a tote labeled "completed layouts." When I get protectors, then they go in an album...if I have room. Otherwise they go back into the tote until I get more albums.
I scrap out of order, therefore I fill an album whenever I'm done with that year. I don't have a number of albums going. I put each year in an album and put it in order within that year. I always put a month/year on all of my layouts.

Rach H said...

I have an album for my childhood pictures of my brother and me, and then everything else is intermingled.

Scrappy-ness said...

I Voted for you!

I don't scrap chronologically but I put them in the albums right away. In chronological order Right now I just have yearly albums, vacation album (only 1 major vacay since Ive started scrapbooking), and an about me album. I love my D-Ring albums! It makes it very easy to scrap out of order.

Tracy said...

Holy toledo you have alot of pages to put away.
1. I put them in the page protector right away...unless I am out of them, then they just get placed in the proper book.
2. I organize in chorno order but don't always scrap in order.
3. I have over 15 albums in the works.
4. I have one for each child, Christmas, Vacations, Heritage......

Scrap Our Stash Challenge said...

Congratulations on being in the running - I'll pop over there and check your project out.

Great question re: layouts. I use to scrap chrono in the days of film. But now in the digital age I hop around and do whatever I want to. So, I have what started out as 1 D ring - that the layouts go in until they are ready to go into a post bound in chrono order. The problem is the 1 D has grown to 5 and I have 2 full working alubums (D rings - that I put my pages in as I finish them). I'm trying to figure out - when it is okay to put them in the post bound albums (I have too many to not use them). Sorry, not much of a solution for you.

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