Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Final Valentine's Day Cards

Happy  Wednesday!

How is your week going so far?  Mine has been a bit crazy!  I am the type of person that likes calm.  I don't due well with stress.  I know a couple of my friends that love the hustle and bustle and when things are calm they go crazy--NOT me!  I think if I can make it through today than all will be good! Fingers crossed.  That being said, I have not been able to craft.  I did sit in my craft room last night just to be in it!  I spent 1/2 of Monday organizing all the paper and getting kits and DT stuff off the floor and put away! I just sat there for about 15 minutes in peace and enjoyed the clean desk, clean sheleve, and clean floor!  I think I will try to get some crafty time in tomorrow after school!

I am trying to wrap up all my Valentine's day cards.  I really made a lot this year for the store and for my family.  Here is my final one!  i just love the colors in this one!

cardstock- bazzil
paper- crate paper
stickers- crate paper
ribbon - hero arts
misc- sewing machine

I hope everyone has a wonderful and scrappy day today!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I will be back tomorrow with a layout using Jillibean Soup!


scrappymo! said...

Oh, this one is so pretty. I really like the colour combinations.

Janet Zeppa said...

Very pretty card! Love that pp.

Tammy said...

Love the paper combination! You are not alone - I will go into my craft space -- even when I know I don't have the energy to create -- just to be in there, organizing if nothing else. It's still time well spent! :)

Aimee Kidd said...

I too love calm and peace in my life! My motor runs best when I'm just "cruising"! Lol!!

This card is gorgeous!! Love the color combo!!

Danielle said...

Beautiful card! I am loving those colors right now!

I am totally with you on the calm thing. I like my days as stress and hustle free.

soapHOUSEmama said...

great Card - I LOVE that collection !!!!

Erica said...

I'm like you. If I can't craft I go piddle around in my room. Organize, put away, clean up....whatever. Just to spend time in there. Sometimes it gets the creative juices flowing.

Annette said...

very cute card...great design..

Becky said...

I love those colors too, and the stitching! Hope you get through today :) I was laughing, picturing you sitting in the calm of your craft room :)

Did you get your Project Life stuff ordered last week?

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Such a pretty card!
I am like you!! I like the calm :)

Katie said...

I love the colors on this card!

Isn't it so relaxing when everything is clean and neat! Whenever my bedroom is completely clean (not often with all of our stuff and such a small apartment!) I just go sit in there and enjoy the peacefulness of it!

sandee said...

I agree I love the colors on this one! Thank you for the birthday wishes and you know, I didn't know there was someone else who just goes and sits in their craft room for a few minutes, lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina!

Linda Beeson said...

I like it!!!

Maria said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!!

Maria B.

Margie H said...

Great card - love the colors on this one :) Hey, have you checked my blog recently?! I think you need to (wink wink)! LOL!!

~Tammy~ said...

So so cute! I for sure love the colors!

Tracy said...

Another cute card :)
I too like calm. I get anxiety when there is too much going on.
The older I get the more I enjoy the quietness.

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