Friday, December 13, 2013

Echo Park School Supplies

Hey Everyone Happy

Recently I have made some changes in my life to try to eliminate some stress. The boys are getting older which means more homework-sports-running around etc, work, daily life stuff and paper crafting.   I was getting a bit overwhelmed and VERY stressed out.  Something had to give and  one of the things that I decided to slow down on was design team work.  I LOVE my hobby but I over extended myself sooooo  now I have some free time just to sit and create for ME! 

One of my goals is to create for Me and my family.  I do not scrap chronologically but I do hate being over a year behind in photos.  I also hate that I have a TON of paper and it wasn't getting used.  So I started with my paper and I had this brand new pack of Echo Park school paper so I decided to get busy.  Over the next couple of weeks you will see all the projects that I created with this awesome collection. 

Here is my first one--New  Supplies!

I had just finished shopping last year for Jack's 1st grade school supplies.  I had them all in a box ready to be marked with his initials etc. and Jack and Michael wanted to check them all out! They were so cute looking at everything and I snapped a photo. 

For my layout I used the paper kit.  The only things I added were the Core'dinations cardstock, some enamel dots, wood veneer and thickers.  Everything else was from the kit.  I fell I love with this kit when it came out over the summer and I thought it was perfect for my boys. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I will be back on Monday with a new project.  See you then.  Have a wonderful and crafty weekend.


lil gik said...

Great layout, love all the bright patterned paper you used! Hope you are finding a better balance for all life's pleasures! :)

Kathy Humphrey said...

I know that was a hard decision for you, Mary Pat, but I know you will love your new-found do things like scrap for yourself! I felt the same way when I worked at the local scrapbook store here (now closed :( ) I never had a chance to do any of my own projects because I was teaching classes or just running the register.
Love this sweet layout!
Enjoy your weekend. Merry Christmas!!

Leslie Webster said...

This is so sweet. Love the title work.

Jingle said...

Very cute layout!

Cindy deRosier said...

I'm exactly the same way - I don't scrap chronologically, but I don't like it when I "lap" myself (generating new photos for a holiday or event when I haven't scrapped those from the previous year).

~Melissa~ said...

Used to love to go through my new supplies! Good for you for downsizing your commitments. At one point a few years ago, I had to many companies and teams and after I downsized them all, it felt terrific to scrap for me again. I'd like to have one company now, but haven't pursued anything. Anyway, good for you. Our kids are growing in the blink of an eye!

Connie Mercer said...

love the design dedicated to the middle of the page like that~looks great!!

Leslie Germain said...

Adorable layout. Love the wood embellishment. Sorry I haven't been around to visit lately. Always love seeing what you create.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! Love this layout! The layering in it is just awesome!!!

I completely understand what you mean about being a year behind on photos, even if you aren't going chronologically! I hate feeling totally behind.

Can't wait to see the rest of your Echo Park layouts!

Tracey McNeely said...

Mary Pat so sweet, I am always so inspired by your scrapbooking and how you keep up. I am so pitrtifully behind with my oldest now in University.

Izzy Anderson said...

Really cute page. I remember as a kid that I LOVED getting new school supplies. This photo is so cute. Love your LO design.

Tracy said...

Another great page Mary Pat :)
I agree about stressed out a bit.
I have so many friends and relative telling me I should sell my crafts….but it is a passion of mine and if I make it a business I don't think it will be a passion or as enjoyable anymore.

Becky said...

I always loved going through my supplies too! What a great layout! You know, the older the girls get, the busier we get and I've had to say no to several things lately and not feel bad about it. Good for you!

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