Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the perfect storm

Well I hope your Monday went well.  So far so good for me.  I wanted to share today a couple of things from my Mother's day.  I have to say it was the best Mother's day ever.  First my mom came over and we snapped some photos.  Here is a picture of my mom:

As I have said a million times she is the BEST.  She has been through Breast Cancer TWICE (once at 43 and again at 63) and she never complained once.  She has some other illnesses that might keep others down but she keeps going on.  When my father died 2 years ago (they were grade school sweethearts and had been together since the 5th grade) and I thought maybe she might not make it but she pulled herself up and she is just my INSPIRATION.  I hope everyone has someone in their lives that motivates you to be a better person (it doesn't have to be a mother, could be a friend, a relative, or anyone). I know my mom is that person for me! I love you MOM!

Anyway after we had a little time together My mother in law came over and we had a lovely brunch.  I decided not to cook but to get brunch ordered in from a local restaurant.  I have never done that before. I always enjoy cooking; however, with being gone for most of the day on Saturday I just didn't want to be in the kitchen all morning long.  I wanted to relax.  I have to say it was perfect. Everyone had a fantastic time.  After everyone left and Michael went down for a nap, hubby and Jack went downstairs to watch Star Wars and I stayed in the family room and cuddled up on the couch with my blanket and my remote control and watch 2 episodes of my "bad" t.v. (Bethany ever after).  I had a blast and I loved every minute of it.  Tomorrow I will share the rest of the my mother's day because we all had a blast.

On to my layout of the day.
The Perfect Storm

We had the worst ice storm this past winter and I went out to take a couple of pictures of the ice collecting on the tree branches.  I was also trying out some different features on my camera and I loved how the pictures turned out.

paper, stickers, tag-echo park
buttons-paper trey ink & basic grey

I hope everyone has a great day today! We have a chance of rain but the temperatures are finally starting to warm up! 

I will be back tomorrow with my Wednesday Card.  Thanks for stopping by! See ya then!


Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's day. Great tribute to your Mom - she sounds like a great lady. Love your layout - great photos! It is cool when you experiment with the camera and the shots actually turn out! :)

Jingle said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Such a cute photo of the two of you! I love your page, too!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom. I adore my mom too. She's been a true testimony to the grace of God living in an abusive marriage,divorce, remarriage, losing her husband to colon cancer, and being a widow for these past 20 years. She always keeps going, keeps trusting God. I am so inspired by her!
Love your layout, great photos!

Lisa said...

Love the colors in your layout. Very fitting as it give the page that cold feeling of an ice storm.

Just Jaime said...

What a remarkable woman your mother is! The layout design is great!

Pam W. said...

It is so nice to hear you speak so wonderfully of your mom...you are blessed. Great layout and the photos are great!

cardsister said...

What a great way to honor your Mother! She sounds like a fantastic lady! Love your blog and your layout!

hilde janbroers said...

great layout!

Casey Wright said...

Lovely layout! The colors are beautiful!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Wow your mom is quite an inspiration! Great layout, love the title!

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great mom's day.

Pam Wendt said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom - thanks for sharing :o)

And thank you also for sharing your absolutely beautiful layout!

Sharla said...

Your mother sounds like a very strong woman, what an inspiration! I hope we all can get through the crazy times in life with strength and grace, your mom is such an example of that. Thank you for sharing about her...and you both look beautiful!!! :)

Your worst ice storm sure did produce some awesome pictures!

Glad you got to spend some time enjoying your "bad tv" ;)

Becky said...

What a great picture of you and your mom. She sounds fantastic (and she has a wonderful daughter too!) Love the pics on your layout, although I don't want to think about ice for a long, long time! Haha!

Tracy said...

How special to have a mother like you do.
Your layout is beautiful, those photos are stunning.
So glad that you ordered in...it was your day too ;)

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